Do you have questions about the Bible or Christianity in general?

This morning while I was laying in bed, meditating on spiritual things (Rom. 8:5-6), I believe the Spirit directed my mind to this thought: “There are many ‘question and answer sites’ out there, but none that give answers according to a more accurate understanding of Scripture because they do not understand covenant, nor how covenant affects our interpretations of the Scriptures. So you start one.”

As I lay there, thinking about that, I realized that I didn’t think that it came from me, so I whispered, OK.”

So, here’s the deal…if you have a question regarding the Bible or Christianity in general, any question at all, whether in Scriptural or historical contexts, feel free to post that question here and I will begin answering your questions IN FULL. In other words, I will THOROUGHLY research the question and post the answers daily under their own question titles when I have completed the research.

I used to have a lot of questions in my youth when I first began witnessing to people – because those who I spoke with had questions…so I studied the Bible to find those answers, because that’s how we learn. If I can help you learn, especially about Scripture, then all the work necessarily put into the effort is well worth it. What’s more, you will not receive a Calvinistic answer, nor a Reformed Theological answer…nor answers that reflect any denominational stand.

What you will receive is an answer based solidly in Scripture not only according to covenant understanding, but according to a more accurate understanding of the NT Scriptures as they are – New Covenant Scriptures, out of utilization of a complete Biblical Hermeneutic (a complete set of Biblical principles of interpretation). Most out there only utilize a partial hermeneutic – they cannot utilize a whole and complete hermeneutic because some of those principles completely destroy their personal theology, so they either ignore those principles of interpretation when they harm their doctrine, or they throw them out completely.

So! Let the questions fly! The more the merrier!





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